The Seasons of Our Life

Canada | 2016 | HD Video | 15 mins (Short Documentary)

This short poetic documentary is a meditation on our human journey from birth to death. Four subjects ranging in age from 11 to 100 answer the question, “what is it like being ____?”, where the blank is their age. At turns humourous and plaintive, this documentary is a poignant and absorbing reflection on the ever-changing seasons of our life.

Produced & Directed by Phillip Pike

Songs of Freedom

Canada | 2002 | Video | 75 mins (Feature Documentary)

Songs of Freedom takes us inside the world of Jamaican gays and lesbians and tells compelling stories of individuals courageously carving out meaningful lives, despite the taboo against their sexual identity.

Produced & Directed by Phillip Pike

Produced with the Assistance of:

  • The Canada Council for the Arts
  • The Ontario Arts Council
  • The National Film Board of Canada – Filmmaker Assistance Program